Autumn 2010

September 28, 2010


15 Responses to “Autumn 2010”

  1. AbiiBabeh..x said

    Who does your graphics. Ah-mazing! Love the July bit aswell

  2. Chris Grau said

    The issue is pretty good, interesting articles and creative graphics.
    Thank you for choosing me as a model, congratulations!

  3. I thought the head’s are a bit to big but
    part from that the rest of the magazine
    is amazing love it 🙂

  4. Avril14140/Mihaela said

    It`s really good 😀

  5. donnamagazine said

    WOW! It’s a masterpiece Vasia 😉

  6. Nadine / Mgirl200 said

    The graphics aren’t flawless, but the issue is great.

  7. blueberry-dream said

    I actually loveeeeeed this issue a lot as much as I love my cheesy fries.
    This is the first magazine in months that I have seen that captured my attention and actually made me read all the articles.
    That being said, they were very well-written, graphics were impressive, layout was impressive..Runway has literally turned brand new, bigger and better.
    Pure love!!

  8. theloveablenerd said

    I absolutely loved the ‘Life in Dollywood’ piece. It was extremely well-written… great job.

  9. Chloe said

    Vasia its amazing! Its the best magazine ever, the creativity, the style the concept – all gob – smacking! Well done my dear friend, I wish I could of helped you… xx and thanks for having me as a model 🙂

    Love chloe… XxXx

  10. Hunnigall said

    Wtf?! Daria Morgendorffer? Can I meet her! (Frickin’ LOVE Daria)

    Great issue, though, a welcome addition to fashion week 🙂
    I look forward to future issues, well done, Ladies (and one gent, I think?) 🙂

  11. Nice illustrations and great issue ! I’m very glad that you allow me to participate to it.

  12. Mhm. xD said

    I cant see the graphics..only the “Upgrade to Pro today! Bandwidth Exceeded” thing shows up :/

  13. donnamagazine said

    I LOVED it!

  14. donnamagazine said

    check out also!

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